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Plants for every occasion and situation

Plants can enrich our surroundings and provide us with a sense of wellbeing and solace, whether it’s a houseplant thoughtfully placed on the windowsill or a border of flowering plants brimming with colour and vitality.

At Moulton Nurseries, we boast a simply vast range of beautiful bedding plants, hanging baskets and houseplants. Truly, there is something for every occasion, every location, every soil condition, including hardy shrubs, trees, climbers, shade-loving plants, herbs, pond plants and flowering plants. What more could you need to brighten up your pots, borders and baskets and imbue your home with a vibrancy that only nature can convey? 

Succulent plants available at Moulton Nurseries





The home of bedding plants, house plants, bulbs, seeds and so much more!

Here at Moulton Nurseries, we’ve been growing our award-winning baskets on-site for more than 30 years! Why not pop along to our lovely garden centre in Moulton St Mary to view our wonderful selection of outdoor and indoor plants?

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A little insight into the plants we grow onsite at our nursery:

  • Garden plants and bedding plants

  • Trees and conifers

  • Houseplants (including air-purifying houseplants)

  • Climbing plants (perfect for a trellis or pergola)

  • Perennials

  • Shade-loving plants

  • Moisture-loving plants

  • Carnivorous plants

  • Seeds

  • Hanging baskets

  • Hedges and topiary

  • Grasses

  • Flowers

  • Ferns and foliage

  • Plants to attract bees and butterflies

Daffodil bulbs available at Moulton Nurseries





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Did you know we have supplied winners of both Anglian and Britain in Bloom?

After all, we have been growing our own hanging baskets and bedding plants onsite for more than 30 years! In fact, our award-winning baskets are a genuine must for any garden – or business, for that matter.

So, whether you're looking for a gift, a houseplant to enliven your indoor space, or a basket to adorn your porch, make sure you come down to Moulton Nurseries to browse our garden centre. And why not grab a coffee and a bite to eat while you’re here?

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Welcoming you to our garden centre

Call into Moulton Nurseries, Moulton St Mary, Norwich, to browse our lovely range of plants. You can call us on 01493 750458.

Moulton Nurseries
01493 750458
Greenhouse Coffee Shop
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