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Everything our pets and feathered friends could need

We have everything you need to feed, attract and support our feathered friends in your garden, with specially selected feeds for wild birds of all types and sizes. And let’s not forget about our beloved pets! Our pet care section features a veritable treasure trove of treats, food, toys, bedding and accessories for household pets large and small.

Our Main Bird food supplier is Honeyfields, who are proud to say that all their food is ‘Fair to Nature’. Honeyfields products contain cereal and other seeds grown on Fair to Nature farms. Fair to Nature means the farmers grow their crops in specially selected areas which act as a habitat for a host of wildlife. So, choosing Honeyfields products not only means feeding the birds who visit your garden, but also the wild birds and wildlife that call the countryside their home. This is a fantastic reason to shop Honeyfields right here at Moulton Nurseries.

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Wild bird care and pet care products

“The best wild bird care section in Norfolk”. High praise from an RSPB representative after she visited the wild bird care and pet care department at Moulton Nurseries in Moulton St Mary, Norwich.

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Our bird care and pet care range includes:

  • Bird tables from Tom Chambers

  • Bird feed

  • Bird boxes

  • Chicken feed

  • Beds for dogs and cats

  • Treats and toys for dogs and cats

  • Pet accessories

  • Litter trays

  • Wood shavings, perfect as bedding for rabbits and other small animals

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A choice of bird feed on display at Moulton Nurseries

Keeping animals both wild and domestic happy and in good health

Also in stock from Tom Chambers is a range of hedgehog houses, bird boxes and squirrel-proof feeders from Tom Chambers; and chicken feed in the form of both pellets and mixed corn from local Norfolk supplier, Duffields.

Our pet care department has a comprehensive range of dog beds, dog treats, dog toys and dog bowls. We also stock a range of cat treats, toys and cat beds.

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Among Norfolk’s best-stocked spaces for pet supplies and wild bird supplies

Drop into the Moulton Nurseries pet care department in Moulton St Mary. We are open 7-days a week. Call 01493 750458

Moulton Nurseries
01493 750458
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